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Bush, having served as National Security Advisor during Bush’s first term and as his Secretary of State during the second term.

Now that her name’s being floated as a possible runningmate for Mitt Romney, conservatives are warning that her close ties to Bush could be a big negative with some voters.

Washington is separated from his wife, who lives in California Since the article's from India ("American football matches? Otherwise, it sounds kind of Clinton-administration-y, to coin an adjective.

I beleive Washington is just separated, not officially divorced.

However, I do not have enough facts about this separation with Washington and his wife, to speculate further.

‘‘ Condi’s phenomenal,’’ he said. ‘‘ She’s so articulate, she never gets ruffled, she can handle tough situations with aplomb, she is as impressive a person as you’d ever meet.’’ But are they dating? We’re great friends, we’re comfortable with each other and we enjoy each other’s company. We’ve known each other for so long she doesn’t have to break me in.’’ The pair, who both grew up in Alabama, share a passion for football, which Rice learnt from her father, a high school teacher who also coached the sport.

‘‘ We’re not,’’ he insisted. Washington said she often compared the game to war.

The article implied a developing romance, which I would find problematic ...

but I'll assume this is mainly fluff, and forget it!

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