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The smaller Gripseal polythene bag is ideal for faulty hydraulic repair of smaller components such as pneumatics and hydraulic valves and fittings.

A .00 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot is due at registration if paying by credit or debit card, (2 Weeks if sending a check). Day Rate: To make provision for those who are interested in attending the Spring Singles Weekend without taking advantage of the overnight accommodations, this option is available for the weekend (including all speaker sessions and meals) for just 0.

After plugging it in, if you hear a (very) slight squeaking sound – it means the device is ACTUALLY working.

Pests are more sensitive than humans so if you can hear a slight noise, know that it’s amplified for the pest.

The Hydrabag is a cost effective way of handling your hydraulic repair, of your leaking, damaged or faulty components (rams, valves, pumps, etc).

Remove your faulty components and place them in your leak-proof Hydrabag.

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