Sharepoint 2016 approval workflow not updating approval status gay dating advise

In particular, I’d like to focus on the “Send an Email” and the “Start Approval Process” activities.

To demonstrate the “Send an Email” workflow activity, I’m going to create a simple workflow called “Notify Manager” which, in this case, will send an email to the person defined in the Manager column of the Employee On-boarding list.

In the first blog of this series, I suggested that most users of Share Point do not understand the full potential of the platform due to a lack of training.

Several areas that I mentioned being underutilized included: In the second blog, I focused on some of the powerful benefits that could be experienced by creating and using Custom Lists in Share Point to manage list data.

I’m going to configure this workflow to run any time a list item is updated.

Send an Email, as the name suggests, is a simple activity to send an email.

In some business process scenarios, you want to receive feedback from someone within the process to ensure they have completed their tasks.

The “Start Approval Process” activity within Share Point designer kicks off an Approval Process involving one or many individuals.

I am also going to customize the Task form where the Approver will respond by either clicking a “Completed” button or “Unfulfilled” button indicating that the computer was provisioned successfully or whether there was an issue that prevented the computer provisioning.As you can see, the workflow is very simple…single workflow activity.However, the Start Approval Process has a number of different configuration points where emails can be customized and additional functionality can be configured.What makes the Approval Process different from merely sending an email is that a Share Point task is created and assigned to a person or persons in addition to them receiving an email.If more than one person is required for Approval, the Approval Process can be configured as “parallel” where all approvers receive their Approval task request at the same time or “serial” where the second approver only receives their Approval request after the first person has responded to their Approval Task.

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