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With Virtual Courseware, students learn by doing: making observations, proposing hypotheses, designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data generated by the software, and synthesizing and communicating results.The activities include an online assessment quiz that consists of randomized interactive questions.Details and get access to Students will find two interactive exercises designed to help you learn about river processes like discharge, flooding, and flood frequency.Each activity requires you to make careful observations and measurements, do simple calculations, and answer questions about your work.

The instructor can access student and class results, allowing them to quickly gauge how well the key concepts were understood.

There is wide acceptance that inquiry-based curriculum programs have positive effects on cognitive achievement, process skills, and attitudes towards science.

Science instructors seek engaging, effective, and inquiry-based activities that are convenient to implement in their classrooms.

Advertisement Virtual Courseware Offerings The development of Virtual Courseware began in 1995 with the release of the genetics application Pre/In-service Teacher Training for Noyce Scholars The Chancellor’s Office of the California State University was awarded a grant from the NSF NSDL program titled “Building Locally, Linking Globally: Networking Micro-Communities of Noyce Scholars for Advancing Innovations and Improvement in Mathematics and Science Education.” The Virtual Courseware Project partnered with the Noyce-NSDL team to train Noyce Scholars in the use of Virtual Courseware.

Several in-person and on-line workshops were held and training materials were developed which became part of the Noyce Teaching Commons.

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