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Lyallpur, a city in central Punjab, was also named in his honour.This was a major success of Saudi’s formal and public diplomacy in a non-Arabic speaking Muslim nation.Furthermore, over two million Pakistanis employed in Saudi Arabia send home remittances amounting to nearly four billion annually.The kingdom is the largest market of the Pakistani manpower worldwide, with its embassy in Islamabad issuing 30,000 visas every month.Riyadh recently turned down Indian premier Modi’s proposal for a defence pact when he last visited the kingdom.The recent visit by Saudi Foreign Minister shows that Riyadh has understood Pakistani constraint of sending troops to another Muslim country.There is, however, no public record of the dignitaries’ meeting with Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

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However, with Pakistan’s inclusion in the Saudi-led anti-terror alliance fears subsided and have completely evaporated with Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel bin Ahmed al Jubeir’s recent visit to Islamabad on Thursday.

Historically, it was in April 1940 when the crown prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz visited Karachi and was warmly welcomed by leaders of the Muslim League, including MAH Ispahani, MA Maniar and Karim Bhai Ibrahim, that laid the foundation of Pak-Saudi relations.

The Crown Prince was accompanied by a large delegation, including his five brothers, Faisal, Saad, Fahd, Mansoor and Abdullah.

King Abdul Aziz sent the first foreign donation amounting to £10,000.

In 1946, Jinnah sent the Pakistan movement delegation led by Mirza Abol Hasan Ispahani, including Begum Jahanara Shah Nawaz, to the United Nations.

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