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"It makes the person who’s dating them caught in a cycle of feeling like there’s something wrong with them.

And if there’s something wrong with leave them, "they get enraged — they can’t tolerate that you see them in a negative light," Kane says.

They’re always looking at themselves and how gorgeous they look; they’re shallow and not really connecting with anything deeper than outward appearances,” Kouffman Sherman says.

They can’t understand another person’s perspective.” This inability to engage with rational debate comes off as arrogance.“Even though you feel special, you realize they don’t even really know you.Real intimacy requires a lot of sharing and listening, and you might walk away feeling really tired and drained and realize they mostly just talk about themselves.”It may seem as if narcissists are so full of themselves that they don’t need anyone reminding them how great they are, but that’s exactly what they need.There are many reasons people cheat, and cheating alone doesn't mean someone is a narcissist — but in combination with some of these other red flags, it could be a sign.A narcissist needs constant ego boosts because they can't sustain their own self-esteem.

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