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Yeah, you'll meet straight folks but lots of them know LGBT people these days. The University of Maryland and San Diego State University both host as annual LGBT lecture series and there are so many other colleges that do this. It could be a fundraiser to fight cancer like the Maine Tri for a Cure that many lesbians love to support or how about LGBT civil rights events.

And apart from hanging with an exclusively LGBT crowd, what else do you want to learn about this year? One of my favorites is Art Erotica that is put on by the Octopus Club in Austin, Texas to raise money to provide emergency financial assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas.

I loved him and cared for him very much, too, but I knew that I was not a straight woman.

We were good friends, and that was the extent of it.

I work with lesbians from New York City to small towns in Texas to Dubai, Australia, Canada and the woods of Maine, and almost every woman I work with believes it's hard to find LGBT people. Secondly, we love to learn and hang out with smart people. So don't miss what's happening for 2013 in your city and town for lecture series.

but only because you are stuck in a box about where to find lesbian, gay, bi or trans people.

You see, unlike mainstream and pathopsychological constructed lesbians, I didn’t have serious daddy problems.

Even though my father—like most of my family—adhered to traditional gender roles, he was a stay-at-home dad, and was always there for us.

For over 20 years Art Erotica has been one of the most unique and scintillating art events in Austin.

Yet, at the age of five, I started feeling different from other girls. This grew into very strong physical attractions for other young women along with strong emotional connections.

As a result, it took me a very long time to even try dating men because I simply didn’t want to. I have never played a sport in my life; instead, I loved dolls, especially one gifted to me by and named after my grandmother Nanny Cash.

One of my favorites was at the Whole Foods Headquarters in Austin, TX. The wine all came from a family owned vineyard, Davis Family Vineyards. I've got a slew of lesbian friends who have attended these classes after buying a house or car. Consider LGBT travel like Olivia Cruises is celebrating 40 years as the lesbian destination for travel and vacation fun.

They had an amazing Riesling; barely a hint of sweetness, oily, full of lingering mineral flavors and served with an amazing appetizer created by the lead Whole Foods chef. Plus I met a number of single lesbians at this event who also enjoy wine and good food. Then start looking around for where there are cooking classes and special food events.4. If you've got a special talent or skill, this might be a place for you to offer to teach a class. Eco-travel company Sweet is new to the ranks for lesbians but it's a great concept to be vacationing with a gaggle of gay girls and also making a difference for the environment, children or animals in a community you are visiting.

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