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If you don't know what I mean by *certain devices*, you don't need to worry.I posted earlier about my 3DS system becoming corrupted due to having to power off during an update that was not making progress.Is this a common problem that anyone's heard of starting with the Miiverse update? Not sure if I can just return it to Gamestop since I opened it and it's having problems, but I just opened it today.I miss the days when consoles didn't need updates; they just worked.

I decided just to get an XL since I'd been wanting one forever... I played Brawl online to test it out, and Brawl of all games works fine.

So it happens on two different systems on a network without any other problems.

My new system has frozen during the update process twice now.

Some even more exceptional scenarios have had people unwittingly downloading beta updates with strange features. This will at least prevent you from partially installing updates again since you need to have downloaded the entire package for it to actually get applied. For the new one, I have whatever the default settings are. Both my new system and my old one (that told me I had corrupted data) can connect online at my local library to download or play games without crashing.

I did in fact bring it back to Gamestop for an exchange, but I wanted to ask to make sure I do it right this time. I never used to have problems with the network, and other devices (Wii U, i Pad, PC, phone, etc) work just fine online. Whenever I do something online with a 3DS, it inevitably crashes moments later and I have to hard reset.

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