Mars hill church on dating

And she just explained to me a few occasions where she had been sexually assaulted, raped, and abused.

Did everything he wrote and said represent the congregation?

“He decided (to leave) because he wanted to go do something else, not because of internal pressure or internal disagreement.

Everyone in the leadership was sad to see him go.” But like Bell, he acknowledges many stopped coming after “Love Wins” brought down conservatives’ scorn for its unorthodox take on God and the afterlife.

Local readers will get an exclusive early peek on Sunday, when Bell will sign copies beginning at 2 p.m. RELATED: New video promoting Rob Bell's "Love Wins for Teens." He also will return for the first time to Mars Hill, the megachurch he founded in 1999 and built into one of America’s fastest-growing congregations. services of the church he started as an outgrowth of Calvary Church, where he served under the Rev.

Ed Dobson and preached informal Saturday night services. Church members are looking forward to the reunion, Kent Dobson said: “It’s good for him, it’s good for the community.” Dobson agreed with Bell that he was not forced out due to fallout from “Love Wins,” adding that conclusion is “reading into the New Yorker article a little bit.” “It is true of course that he received backlash from ‘Love Wins,’ but not directly from the community, certainly not from the leadership,” Dobson said.

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