Long hair older women dating

The blond hair of various Germanic peoples symbolized the spoils of war.In cases where wigs were used to hide baldness, a natural look was preferred, therefore a wig with a hair colour similar to the wearer's original would be worn.The Palla was the mark of a married, respectable woman.It was a piece of cloth wrapped around the body with one end over the shoulder.

For women to have a fashionable hairstyle showed they were part of the elegant Roman culture.

There is significant evidence for the palla being draped over the back of the head as a veil.

The palla supposedly signified the dignity and sexual modesty of a married woman, but due to its encumbering nature as a veil, there has been much debate whether it was only worn in public by the aristocracy, or if at all by working women of lower classes.

Styles are so distinctive they allow scholars today to create a chronology of Roman portraiture and art; we are able to date pictures of the empresses on coins, or identify busts depending on their hairstyles.

Much like today, hair for the Romans was as much an expression of personal identity as clothes.

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