Kids and divorced parents dating

So chances are very good that sooner or later you (along with nearly every other divorced parent) will be dipping your toe into the waters of dating after divorce.There are many things to consider when making the choice to begin dating after your divorce.The idea of getting back into the dating scene after years being married is daunting at best.But, we humans are instinctively drawn to partnering up.Be patient — it's likely to take some time for your son to adjust.Many kids hope their parents will get back together, but, ultimately, most want their parents to be happy.As frustrating as this can be, your son's behavior is quite natural. If he's just gotten used to you and his father not being married, he might now fear that a stepparent will further complicate things and take up your time.

Dating after divorce - even the words fill some divorced parents with dread.

Email is an excellent tool nowadays to communicate with your ex-spouse.

It allows you to specifically discuss the practicalities of raising your child without detouring into negative areas and opening old wounds.

And then let it go." Many divorced parents reading these tips may recognize mistakes they've unintentionally made with their own kids.

Is it ever too late to undo emotional fall-out from a nasty split?

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