Jann arden dating

We live real life in front of our fans.” “It’s been dynamic from the beginning,” says Doire.

“We know how to push each other to the limit in order to get the best out of each other.” Written during an intense woodshedding holiday to Cuba in 2013 ahead of presents stories like postcards: vivid, immediate, rich in detail.

Their song “Wild Fire” took them to the semi-finals of the prestigious world-wide International Songwriting Competition.

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But this whole project was actually born out of heartbreak.

The breakups felt like the universe telling us, ‘OK, this is your time to do this.’” Adds Doire: “If we think about these songs too much it freaks us out because we do reveal a lot of information in our songwriting.

Sometimes the songs can certainly pull on our hertstrings and cause one of us to break down on stage.

Witness the first single, ‘Little Secret,’ which places the pair’s sunny, multi-layered vocals against a neon scrim of chiming guitar.

That buoyancy is countered by more sombre tracks like ‘Broken Open’ – a candlelit ballad that glides by on the barest of ambient instrumentation – and the almost incandescent, slow-burning ‘We All Just Wanna Be Loved.’ “All of our songs are co-written; every song filters through both our minds and hearts,” adds Doire, who also speaks (and frequently sings in) French.

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