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The approach Harris offered was a way forward that bypassed the physical possibilities.

It seemed safer: who wouldn’t trust their parents to have a say in their husband?

I would never have known Josh Harris’s name were it not for this book and his elevation based on it.

Even though I didn’t see myself as his primary audience, I and others like me reaped the consequences of his work. I was always an avid book reader and since I took my evangelical faith so seriously, I wanted to learn all I could about dating.

Here was this young guy, only 21, preaching chastity, virtue and not kissing until you got married.

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(IKDG) about four years later near the end of middle school.The US church was afraid of sex and sin, and so we became afraid too. Even in the black churches that I attended, this book was widely read.In hindsight, it’s a bit scary that a white evangelical had that much sway over people whose bodies are already policed by white ideas.And though he was interested in marriage, I was sure we were too young to go ahead (we weren’t). During my most vulnerable years, I was separated from the American evangelical purity culture industry by ethnicity, denomination, and continent.But the sad thing about religious colonialism, which I see IKDG as part of, is that it doesn’t respect borders well.

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