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This goes back to an "Eliza" AI chat program (see What is an "Eliza" program?) that I wrote in early 1987, in the 2nd year of my undergraduate degree at University College Dublin, Ireland.See if you can work out why this happened: * jesus who let you near me go away 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: i'll never tell 05/02/89 :0 * jesus who let you near me go away 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: [SOMEONE #2] 05/02/89 :2 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: are there two people on your username? From SOMEONE at DRAKE: do you have all these silly sayings on some sort of 05/02/89 :4 control?05/02/89 * ok thats it im not talking to you any more 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: you sound like a goddamn robot that repeats everything. From SOMEONE at DRAKE: o my he actually typed something.Some coverage of AOLiza: Finally, I wrote the program when I was 18.Some of the more conservative Web filtering programs would regard that as a minor and hence would have denied me the right to look at my own creation! So where does this name come from, people have asked.

It's no coincidence that Hutchens and I are both professional AI researchers who disown our own creations. a 05/02/89 In fact, the very introduction of the whole line of questioning about sex was a complete accident (though once the user responded, MGonz was guaranteed to stay on the topic).He stays talking until 9.39pm Irish time, unaware that no one is at home.You could say therefore that my program passed the "Turing Test" (see What is the Turing Test? During this time, my machine's brutal cross-examination forces a remarkable admission: * when was the last time you had sex 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: yesterday.Well, every time we queried who was logged on to our undergraduate VAX machine, there was this mysterious user MGONZ, logged in day and night.Inevitably, a mythology grew up around him, a Church of MGonz was founded, and so on.

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