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Bicycle, Tour de France, cycling - are these some of your favorite words? This is a free dating site that brings bike lovers together.

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An athlete that does a different endurance sport has many of the positives and avoids some of the drawbacks, the biggest issue with this alternative is that it can be really hard to meet an athlete that does a different sport.

About the Author: Craig Richey is a multiple time Canadian National team member, representing Canada at mountain bike World Cups and cyclocross World Championships.Cycling relationships happen, riding along looking at each other’s butts in spandex it is no surprise cyclist often end up dating.The downside is that after you stop dating a cyclist they will probably keep riding, they will look at other riders in spandex who will look back, and ….. The bottom line is that if you date a cyclist and then breakup they are probably going to date another cyclist which could be your friend, teammate, or arch rival.The situations described above lead to this important conclusion: the smoothest cyclist-plus-cyclist relationships tend to happen between cyclists with similar cycling goals.If you’re a committed, serious cyclist looking to climb the ranks, the best potential boyfriend/girlfriend is likely someone in a similar situation.

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