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Censorship in Brazil, both cultural and political, occurred throughout the whole period following the colonization of the country.Even though most state censorship ended just before the period of redemocratization that started in 1974, Brazil still experiences a small amount of non-official censorship today.The network is waiting official authorization of the Justice system to broadcast the film.The song "Luís Inácio (300 Picaretas)" by rock band Os Paralamas do Sucesso, from their 1995 album Vamo Batê Lata, was banned in the Federal District.

That decision was overturned by another judge who wrote that “Google is not the intellectual author of the video, it did not post the file, and for that reason it cannot be punished for its propagation.” Google also defended users’ political rights saying "that voters have a right to use the Internet to freely express their opinions about candidates for political office, as a form of full exercise of democracy, especially during electoral campaigns”.Other deputies joined Andrada in his crusade against the song, but it was ultimately banned only from radio airplay.In 1997, a law forbidden "to use trickery, montage, or other audio or video feature that, in any way, degrade or ridicule a candidate, party or coalition, or to produce or display program with that purpose" three months before a political election was created.On 9 August 2011, the Federal Justice of Minas Gerais blocked the distribution of A Serbian Film, a 2010 Serbian horror film, in Brazil.This was the first time a movie was banned in Brazil since the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution.

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