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Instead, it concentrates on such matters as how to save money with recipes for baby food.

Chastity, Feminism and Vicki Weaver "Family values" have long been a staple of the radical right.

and the racial elements thereof have perpetuated some very negative attitudes. For the most part, women still work in the kitchen and men work on building the crosses." · Women within a racist Odinist group based in northern Alabama have taken steps to form their own day-care center to isolate their children from what are seen as the pernicious influences of Judeo-Christian values, as well as to free up women for other work.

· Mothers of the Movement, another Web site for racist women, features relatively little political talk.

Kathleen Blee, a leading expert who estimates that fully a quarter of many hate groups' members are now female, has written that while many women enter the movement "because of worries about crime, the quality of children's schools or family dissolution," others do so primarily because of personal relationships.

In the past, these movement women have been Nazi "Aryan breeders," the Klan moms who stayed home sewing robes for their men, the secretaries and helpmates of neo-Nazi leaders, the transmitters of "Aryan" values to the next generation.

Now, some of these women are seeking new, expanded roles for themselves and their gender.

In the late 1960s, in the heyday of radical left-wing groups, a debate developed within the Weathermen about the role of revolutionary women, who had been largely confined to supporting their menfolk.

Before it was over, the Weathermen were renamed the Weather Underground, and many of the group's women were taking up the gun.

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